49ers vs Chargers

49ers vs Chargers: Just three games into the season, after a signing a $137 million contract in the offseason, the 49ers lost Jimmy Garoppolo for the year with a torn ACL. The loss of their franchise QB completely changes the outlook of their season as they now turn to C.J. Beathard for the remainder of the year. The Chargers have a good chance here at home to blow the 49ers out.

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You will find out just how important having a franchise QB is this season. The 49ers will have trouble winning more than a few games all season without Garoppolo. They likely will now be an underdog every week. The only exception could be when they are home against the Cardinals, but other than that, they will be underdogs. Beathard didn’t play that poorly when he had his chance last season before getting hurt and Garoppolo taking over, but he’s not a franchise QB. The 49ers got some tough luck here, and it happened on a play where Garoppolo should have just ran out of bounds instead of fighting for an extra yard.

The Chargers haven’t caught a lot of breaks early this season, but they should win this game pretty easily. Their two losses came to the two best teams in football right now. They didn’t play poorly in either, but they went up against two explosive offenses. With some winnable games coming up on their schedule, they can right back into the thick of things in the AFC. Philip Rivers continues to play well, and he’s getting help on the ground and in the passing attack from Austin Ekeler. Mix that with Mike Williams becoming a factor and the Chargers should put up a lot of points in Hollywood on Sunday.

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