Saints vs Giants

Saints vs Giants : Can the New York Giants get to 2-2 on Sunday and perhaps get themselves pointed toward being a legitimate playoff contender? Or, will they lose to the New Orleans Saints, fall to 1-3 and face a difficult climb? Here are today’s predictions from your Big Blue View staff writers.

Saints vs Giants Live

My rule coming in to the season was that I wasn’t going to pick the Giants to win until they showed me that they could. I saw some promising things against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and then they went out and never trailed against the Houston Texans after their first possession. I should be free to pick them to win.

The one constant with the Giants has been that once you think you have them figured out, you know what to expect, they will turn your expectations on their head.

This looks like a winable game and a great chance for the Giants’ to break the 30-point barrier. And we have a lot of smart people on this staff predicting just that.But I’m going to be like that one guy on The Price Is Right and guess $1.00.

This is a game in which anything can happen. The Saints defense could hit it’s stride and get healthy, the Giants could have an explosion of scoring.

The Giants’ have a narrow path to victory over the Saints. As good as Eli Manning was in Houston, Drew Brees has been that good all season long. The Cameron Jordan has the potential to wreck the Giants’ offensive plans, and the team will be without three of their best players in Olivier Vernon, Eli Apple, and Evan Engram.

But on the other hand, Brees is a different quarterback out in the elements, and the Giants will surely scheme to take away the quick timing passes upon which he has thrived.

I’ll say that the Giants pull off the win at home, but do so in a surprisingly low-scoring game.

This feels like a season-making kind of game to me. The Saints are a good, strike that, REALLY GOOD team with an incredible offense. The Giants offense hinted last week at what it can be. I think they will have to do more than hint at it this week or they will be 1-3 with a huge mountain to climb. I will choose to be optimistic about where the Giants will stand come Sunday night.

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